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Map and Shooters Page
The Unoffical Homepage of the Oldguns Blackpowder Listserver
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  "Caw"          Gorrell's Co., 60th Foot @ Michilimackinac '96                                "West Texan"
Howdy thar pilgrim! Welcome to Cyber Mountain! Come on over n' set a spell. If yer interested in Black Powder,
THIS be ta place!!
We gots all sorts here: Buckskinners, Rondey-vooers, French & Indian Fighters, Civil War Buffs, target shooters,
hunters, them long-distance Quigly fellers n' world famous Fence-Board Blasters!
If yer inta Black Powder yer on ta right trail, hoss! We got: E-mail matches, Chat-lines, pictures, BP links, a
weekly Cyber-voo, question & answer mail n' ta best bunch a ol' coons a fellers ever gunna meet up with!
So come on down n' join in ta fun, hoss! There always be room round ta fire fer another child that knows which way
ta stick floats n' even if yer 'stick don't float' hoss, still com on down! Greenhorns, ol' coons n' everythang
inbetwixt be welcome!!

-CAW 1997

  Map to the "Cyber Camps" 

'Company o' Scoundrels'  

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Members Homepages
Sweetgrass Bushy
Halfcock Trapper Gene
 Griz Selmer Ausland 
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Revolutionary War 
Buckskinners & Rondezvous 
Civil War 
Hunting & Guiding 
Range & Target Shootin' 
(includin' them Quigley's!) 
'Backyard Voos' 
'Back Porch' 
(place fer tale tale tellin' n' Red Dawg sippin'!) 
'Trader's Blanket' 
(place ta buy, sell n' swap yer gear) 

Send us a smoke signal. We'd like to hear from you.                       
Thanks for stoppin' by our camp. Please sign our Guestbook before ya ride out.

You are are Cyberskinner # to wander into our camp

Updated 5/2/98