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                        'Fencie Rules'  

Target:          A 5 x 30 inch 'fence board' (paper will do fine)

Bull:             A 5 inch square marked off on the board (double pts.)

Distance:      25, 50 & 75 yards (bonus board at 100 yds.)

# Shots:        5 at each target (3 at bonus board) 18 total

Positions:    Offhand at 25 yds. The rest are up to you. (knelling, prone, whatever?)

Points:               25 yds...........2 pts.ea. hit

                         50 yds...........5 pts. ea. hit             (any bull = double pts.)

                         75 yds...........10 pts. ea. hit

Bonus board:  100 yds..........15 pts. hit  & 30 for bull
Note: only One shot counts for the Bonus Board
           If you hit it twice, count only your Best shot.

Pistol Rules
For pistols, same rules as above except distances are 5, 15, and 25 yards.
Bonus board at 40 yards.  (all shots are off hand)

PS. Anyone interested in this shoot, just go ahead and give it a go!
      The long range 'Quigley's' out there with their BPRC's are welcome to join in as well.
     To help even things out for the rest of us  near sighted ol' coons the following rules apply:
   2 minutes for 5 shots at 25/50/75 yds.
   1 minute for 2 shots at 100 yds. (only one counts)
   These times are starting with a loaded weapon
                All shots offhand

Grand Total is 200. (That's a Lot of Bull!!)  100 is good!

"Post Ol' Caw anytime with yer 'Fencie' Score.
He be ta coon akeepin' tabs!"


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