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Fer this child, ta French 'n Indian wars conjurs up names like Hawkey'n
Chingagkook, Crown Point and Ticonderoga!
Mystical, almost magical names of long ago heros and lost adventures!
O' runnin' through ta virgin forest with no more than yer rifle 'n yer  wits
ta keep ya alive! It was a time o' contradictions. O' skulkin' indians 'n
noble savages; o' pompus Redcoats 'n glorious warriors. O' stiff necked
Puritans 'n willin' wenches. Life was both fast 'n cheap for the
Eastern Longhunter, but with his long lean flintlock 'n a little luck, he
    might just make it back to the fort with his scalp!
                                                                                         Angus MacCaw '98
                                                                                                                  (Ol' Caw's Great Great Grand Daddy)